Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foyle Business Services?

Foyle Business Services provides accounting, tax and business services to the Los Angeles area and beyond. We are very close to our clients and they are to us. Foyle Business Services is helpful, affordable and flexible in meeting clients’ needs. We believe there is merit in saying that if you give a good haircut, people keep coming back. Our motto in accounting is to keep it simple, get it right and keep on doing it on a timely basis.

We have been providing accounting, tax and business management services to individuals and small businesses for many years. Our client roster comprises a wide range of businesses, from real estate to restaurants, from entertainment to retail, from startups to non-profits. We have a very close relationship with our clients and would be glad to add more to our roster.

Why should I use Foyle Business Services?

Whether it’s for you or your business, you need an accountant you can trust to be detail-oriented and knowledgeable on the relevant financial matters to manage and process your financial documents.

Here at Foyle Business Services, we provide one-on-one services and customize our services to your particular requirements and preferences. We give each and every client personal and professional attention in a timely manner. You aren’t a faceless number to us. We care about your life, your goals and your family. We use that knowledge to provide you custom-tailored accounting services and guidance to help you save money and get closer to those goals.

We handle more than crunching numbers. With our business experience, we provide insightful business and financial management guidance for you. When you have to pay off debt or are saving for retirement, we can confidently set up a plan to keep your finances sound while handling those financial goals. We offer consulting and business coaching for small businesses as well, helping you to manage expenses and shave off wasteful spending. You don’t need to invent the wheel again, we have the expertise to get your business running smoothly and efficiently.

We provide complete financial services to you as an individual, business or other agency. You can count on our storied expertise, we have worked with a diverse range of industries and can take care of your accounting needs. We do all of this to the highest standard of quality, so you get the service you want, need and deserve.

Let us help you run your day-to-day business tasks by taking away the worry of accounting needs. Foyle Business Services can take care of your company books and manage your accounting day-to-day needs. We can also help you file your tax returns as an individual or small business. We will give the utmost of attention and care to every task to help you stay organized financially and save money. Our job is to help your business run smoothly, keep you compliant and above all save you money.

Can Foyle Business Services help with me with some tax issues I have?

Yes, we can. We have served many individuals and companies in dire situations with the IRS or the State Tax Agencies. We helped these individuals substantially reduce the amount of taxes they owed. You may also qualify for these reductions, give Foyle Business Services a call today and find out.

Even if you are not in trouble with a tax agency, working with Foyle Business Services can save you money. Our team will find every deductible that applies to you for your tax return and get you the largest refund back.

Do you serve clients outside of the Los Angeles area?

Yes, Foyle Business Services has many clients across the world. We help many of them, particularly with expatriate tax filings. Join our many clients from Asia, Europe, and even South America and find out how we can help you reduce your taxes and save money on your expatriate tax filings and other taxes.

I started a small business. Is Foyle Business Services able to help me with the company finances?

Yes, we know how daunting it can be to develop a financial system from scratch for a new business, or maintaining payroll and handing bookkeeping without an accounting background. Our services are cheaper than hiring an in-house bookkeeper and you can count on our experience and quality service to save you time and money.

Allow us to improve your profit margins and maximize your cash. We can supply reports daily, weekly or monthly to help you make better financial choices. Clients who work with us have been able to free up tens of thousands of dollars in expenses in a year. Let us handle your accounting so you can focus on your business and turning a profit.

With Foyle Business Services, you can rest assured knowing that your accounting is in good hands. Our services include bank reconciliation, which allows us to keep your bank account and taxes up-to-date. We keep you informed on your company’s finances with an income statement and balance sheet. With these, you can quickly identify budgeting discrepancies, unexpected expenditures and the overall performance of your business.

We will also review and update your general ledger, to make sure the core of your financial records are clean. We will isolate any miscalculations or errors in your ledger and fix it until it is accurate and correct.

What is unique about Foyle Business Services compared to other competitors?

Here at Foyle Business Services, we care about every client. We take the time to listen to you and learn about who you are as a person. We cherish every client relationship we have. That is why we work hard to provide you quality service, whether you need an accurate tax return or your business needs daily bookkeeping. We are here for you and will work hard to make your accounting clean and perfect for your needs.

Choosing an accountant is an important business decision to make. Be sure to take the time to choose someone you feel comfortable with. We believe Foyle Business Services merits that consideration. Our clients have been with us for many years.